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Feng Zhu
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286 Huaizhong Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China



[1]    Zhu, F.#*, Lammers, M.#, Harvey, J.A. & Poelman, E.H. (2016). Intrinsic competition between primary hyperparasitoids of the solitary endoparasitoid Cotesia rubecula. Ecological Entomology, 41, 292–300

[2]    Fei, M., Gols, R., Zhu, F. & Harvey, J.A. (2016). Plant quantity affects development of a gregarious insect herbivore and its endoparasitoid wasp. PLoS ONE 11(3):e0149539

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[4]    Zhu, F. *, Broekgaarden, C., Weldegergis, B.T., Harvey, J.A., Vosman, B., Dicke, M. & Poelman, E.H. (2015). Parasitism overrides herbivore identity allowing hyper-parasitoids to locate their parasitoid host using herbivore-induced plant volatiles. Molecular Ecology, 24, 2886-2899.

[5]    Weldegergis, B.T.#, Zhu, F.#, Poelman, E.H. & Dicke, M. (2015). Drought stress affects plant metabolites and herbivore preference but not host location by its parasitoids. Oecologia, 177, 701-713.

[6]    Zhu, F., Poelman, E.H. & Dicke, M. (2014). Insect herbivore- associated organisms affect plant responses to herbivory. New Phytologist, 204, 315-321.

[7]    Zhu, F.*, Weldegergis, B.T., Lhie, B., Harvey, J.A., Dicke, M. & Poelman, E.H. (2014). Body odors of parasitized caterpillars give away the presence of parasitoid larvae to their primary hyperparasitoid enemies. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 40, 986-995.  

[8]    Sen, Y., Zhu, F., Vandenbroucke, H., van der Wolf, J., Visser, R.G.F. & van Heusden, A.W. (2013). Screening for new sources of resistance to Clavibacter michiganensis subsp michiganensis (Cmm) in tomato. Euphytica, 190, 309-317.

[9]    Poelman, E.H., Bruinsma, M., Zhu, F., Weldegergis, B.T., Boursault, A.E., Jongema, Y., van Loon, J.J.A., Vet, L.E.M., Harvey, J.A. & Dicke, M. (2012). Hyperparasitoids use herbivore-induced plant volatiles to locate their parasitoid host. PLoS Biology, 10: e1001435.


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